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Sell Yourself
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Are you the maintainer of an RPG community, looking for players?

You'll find them here.

Instead of games pimping themselves in community promotions communities, we're turning it around. This journal is for players, who are looking for games to play.

Players may make posts, basically selling themselves to communities. You may discuss desired characters, desired plotlines, ages, character attributes, etc.

For Example: "I'm a new RPG player, I'm looking for a Harry Potter community, where I can play Hermione. I, personally would prefer it, if the community doesn't slash the main characters, as I'm a Hermione/Ron shipper"

Get it?

RPG community moderators/players can comment to a player's resume, requesting that a player send in an application for their community. Ideally, this will help communities find their desired characters, and the players find open games.

We eat Mary-Sues for breakfast.

You are welcome to post that you are looking for a community which accepts original characters. But we would be lying if we said we didn't laugh at you, if your OC turned out to be a Mary-Sue. Please don't make us liars.

Attention Posting Players: Please offer more than one character which you would be willing to play. We know it isn't always ideal, because who doesn't want to play Harry Potter?! But, in seriousness, be flexible. Don't post major characters only. We will not tolerate it if we see a post saying:

"I'm a new player, but I'm only looking to play a member of the Trio or Draco Malfoy"

No. My friends. Those are the first characters to go, and we all know it. We are not saying you have to be excited about the possibility of playing, for example, Lisa Turpin, who we barely know. BUT, some communities base plot lines around characters that might otherwise be "minor" in the books. Some people really need a Seamus Finnegan, because he's a major player in their plot So, don't count out otherwise "undesirable" characters. (who can actually be really fun to play, because they're not as set in stone as the Trio)

Communities: There are plenty of places for you to pimp. We suggest hprpsearch and hprpgpromotions

If you haven't noticed, while we know that there are many other RPGs going on, we focus on providing players for Harry Potter games.

General Community Rules:

1. I don't like Toggle or netspeak. It hurts my eyes, brain, face, (insert random body part). You'll get a warning if you choose to use it heavily. (I can handle a "u" for "you" even if I prefer that you don't even do that. I can't handle a "OMG!@*! LIEK WUT GAMNES CUN EYE JOIN>!@!*@?")

2. No posts by communities, this is for players. Communities and their members are welcome to comment, and tell us about their game, to try and convince all the excellent players I'm sure we'll have here, to join up with them, as opposed to the other guy. But no community pimping.

3. Players must be specific without cutting out a mass amount of communities. You can mention, that for example, you ship Filch/Dumbledore (err...) but if you limit your community choice to only ones that do as well, you're not likely to get a huge response. It's all in the interest of hooking you up with a game, so sell yourself, tell us about how cool you are! How much experience you have, what you're looking for (what year, what pairings, if slash is acceptable, what characters you're interested in playing) but don't be so picky that we can't find you a game. because that's what we're all about!

4. DO NOT post that you would only accept an offer to play one character. (amending this rule: please try and pick more than one. If you happen to choose a rare one, it is not necessary to pick multiple characters. I just don't want to see "I'm only interested in playing if I can be Harry!! *whinewhinewhine*" that's all.) Multiple characters will get you a better response, especially if you pick a few choice "minor" ones. Padma Patil is really fun to play and people look for her all the time! Don't just stick to the Trio! Mix it up!

5. Don't troll, and don't spam. For now, I'll let you post as often as you want (within reason) As far as I'm concerned, it can only help your visibility. But, don't post every day if you can help it. Don't beg for a certain community to look at you, there are a lot of really great beginning communities, that are looking for talented players. Don't just stick to what's established.

I reserve the right to request that you edit/edit myself any and all posts I deem in violation of the rules I will operate on a warning system, unless you give me a reason why I should ban someone on a first offense. No, I won't ban you for off-topic posting, but I will ask you to edit it. Thanks.

Now, get to posting! That's all I've got, (unless of course, you're silly enough for me to have to write a specific rule because you did something weird...:P)

Don't be shy, the RPGs desperately need you! Think of the RPGs!
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