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Luna Lovegood, if you please.

Name: Lyc
Contact: Aim honeybadgerwrath or comment here.
Character: Luna Lovegood (aged 22 - 28)
PB: Kristen Bell
Experience: Here (character specific)

My Luna's best set for a post DH game, particularly as she spent Harry's 7th year being locked up in a dungeon for four months and suffers from a mild case of PTSD because of it. She's still quirky, still takes things quite literally and honestly believes that nargles, illuminated pandas, tylendy ink thieves and especially crumple-horned snorkacks are out there (so, she's not entirely epilogue-compliant, because JK Rowling likes crushing Luna's dreams a little too much).

Luna would do anything for her friends, thinks so far outside the box she can't see it from where she is and takes trips often to go on expeditions in search of one creature another. She's currently compiling a compendium of unknown to lesser known magical creatures, leaving the better known magical creatures to the Scamander Family and the like, and publishes weekly articles about her finds in the Quibbler (a magazine she owns, but leaves the management up to a long-time set of editors).

Her PB is a long-haired Kristen Bell, who is tiny and has the craziest facial expressions (Luna stopped growing after her time in the Malfoys' dungeon, and has been a tiny 5'1" ever since). She may have forgone the butterbeer cork necklace and the radish earrings (yes, I know they're not really radishes), but Luna adores funky jewelry and collects it wherever she goes.

Xenophilius died in the last year, he never fully recovered after Azkaban and always was sickly, leaving Luna alone in this world. She still owns her family home, but spends most of her time at her flat in London, with her bedroom ceiling spelled to look like a cheery sky (no matter the weather, the sky is always clear). She's more than a little claustrophobic, as well as harbors a deep fear of being restrained, but the nightmares of the Final Battle and the months beforehand have all but faded.

I'd really love to get out and play her again, and would prefer if it were for a game that wasn't entirely dark and terrifying (I'm not opposed to plot-driven or relaxed day-to-day games, but Luna deserves better than to be scared and fighting all the time).


Mar. 17th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
If you are interested in a friendly, laid back multi-gen game, Luna is open at La Condamine The premise is simple - it's a ship that is manifested by magic, and brings people in when they need a vacation - but they can't go home. It's a lot of fun, and she'd have a ton of friends around, plus plenty of new people to meet.